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          Choose the advertising solution that best fits your needs:

          Have a Website, Need Traffic?

 offers premium listing placement in a category, a complete business profile page with logo and a link to your website address to drive users to your site.

          Need a Website and Traffic?

          Choose between a Microsite, Supersite or Supersite Premium for a hassle-free and affordable website and to give your listing preferred placement in

          Our Banner Ads offer prominent exposure to help build traffic to your website or brand.

          Need to stand out of the crowd?

’s Enhanced Listings (bold, red and highlight) offer priority placement in a category when you don’t have a website. You can include a full business profile with the logo of your business.

          Video Advertising – the hottest digital advertising trend on Internet

 offers production and distribution of videos according the needs of your business

 Video Product Description Video Examples by Category
          • Premium Video
          60ss interview filmed on location with a professional crew. Basic contact information like telephone, address and website added to the video during post-production.
          • Basic Video
          30ss video animation using pictures, logo, text and business key points with professional narration.

 offers expanded distribution to the leading video search engines

          • The video is available in the listing profile page in, Google Video, Yahoo! Video and at’s YouTube Channel
          • Businesses that purchase a website with can feature the Video in one of the web pages at no extra charge

          Have a previously recorded Video?

 adapts to Internet format your previously recorded Video or commercial of up to 75ss featuring the same in your listing’s profile page and in Google Video, Yahoo! Video and’s YouTube Channel.

          Note: The options described in this page are subject to change. Your advertising contract contains the final terms and conditions on the products, prices and services that we offer.

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