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    All documents and materials published by Axesa Servicios de Información, S. en C. ("Axesa") in may contain other patented warnings or description of products, services, procedures or technologies property of Axesa and/or third parties. No statement contained in this document is to be interpreted to grant a license of any copyright, trademark, patent or any other intellectual property right of Axesa and/or third parties.

      Commercial Listings and Data

      This information is the property of Axesa and data providers and is protected by the Intellectual Property or Author's Right laws of the United States, by the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the provisions of International Treaties. This information grants a license for personal or professional use and cannot be resold nor supplied to third parties. The information cannot be distributed, sold, leased or licensed, be it on a whole or in part, to any third party; nor can it be, in whole or in part, put at the disposition of any network environment or time shared; nor transfer the information, in whole or in part, to any computer other than the PC employed to accede this information.


        The name and logo of Axesa and of, use authorized by license, and all service names and products, designed marks and commercial slogans are brand names or trademarks of Axesa. All other service marks and trademarks mentioned in this document are trademarks of their respective proprietaries.

          Supervision and Disclosure Consent

          Axesa is free from any obligation and does not obligate itself in any way to supervise the information stored at/or transmitted to this service. However, anyone that utilizes this service agrees to have Axesa periodically supervise the content with the purpose of (1) comply with the laws, norms or other governmental requirements; (2) procure the proper rendering of service or protect the company and the users. Axesa reserves the right to modify, reject or delete any information stored or transmitted to its service that, in Axesa's sole judgment, is unacceptable or may infringe the terms and conditions of this agreement.

            In the event that any user of the information of this service would provide Axesa information, to include without limitation of the foregoing, commentaries, data, responses, questions, suggestions, plans, ideas, etc., the information so provided loses any and all confidentiality and Axesa shall not assume any obligation of protection over its disclosure. The supply of such information to Axesa shall not prevent under any circumstances the purchase, elaboration or use of products, services, designs or ideas by Axesa for any purpose, likewise, Axesa shall have the reproduction right of the information to third parties without restrictions.

              Risk's Assumptions by the User

              The user of this system assumes all risks and responsibilities that are inherent to the use of this service in particular and of the Internet in general. Axesa and its controlling companies do not offer any warranty nor make any statement or recommendation, expressed or implied, in respect to the information that can be accessed through this Internet service including, among others, all implied warranties of marketability, suitability for any particular use or of any violation to existing laws. Axesa assumes no legal responsibility nor of any other kind with respect to the correctness, integrity or usefulness, of any information, apparatus, product or process disclosed in this service. In no case shall Axesa be responsible for special data, incidentals or deviations not of any other nature resulting into the loss of data, benefits or use possibilities motivated any a contractual action negligence or any other motive that may have some type of relation with the use or performance of the information of this service in particular or of the Internet in general.

                Disclaimer of Liability

                Materials included in this service may contain errors or inaccuracies. Axesa reserves the right to make changes or updates in the service information without prior notice.

                  The information being provided by this service is offered "as is" and "as available" without any kind of warranties, explicit or implicit, as to, among others, ownership, lawfulness, marketability or suitability for any given purpose. No information or notice provided by Axesa, its controlling companies, or their respective employers, constitutes in any case the granting of a warranty. Nor does Axesa or its controlling companies grant any warranty that the information of this particular service or of the Internet in general is offered uninterruptedly or free from errors, nor that the information, the software or any other material that may be accessed from the Server is free from virus or of any other harmful element.

                    Disclaimer of Patronage or Liability

                    All references to products, services, processes, hypertexts with third parties and trademarks mentioned, businesses, brands, manufacturers, suppliers, etc., shall not be interpreted nor necessarily imply a recommendation or patronage by Axesa. Neither Axesa nor its controlling companies make any kind of declaration, nor have any responsibility or liability in respect to the quality of the products and services supplied in the websites offered by The inclusion of websites shall not be interpreted by the user as a recommendation of Axesa of the businesses, products or services offered in those websites. The information about products and services is the entire responsibility of each of the providers. The name and logo of Axesa and trademarks and brands owned by Axesa or in the case of, property of the licensor, shall not be used for commercial purposes without the prior consent of Axesa and/or the licensor expressed in writing.

                      In order to obtain more information about the legal terms of these terms and conditions, questions or reporting of problem, contact us.

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